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Why GMi?

Industry 4.0 Ready Graduates

GMI targets to utilise advanced technologies like manufacturing intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence topics in the teaching curriculum to ready students for adaptation of industry 4.0.

27 years of TVET experience in Malaysia specializing in German Engineering

GMI has 27 years of TVET experience in Malaysia specialising in German Engineering.

GMI graduates have a high employability rate (88% employability)

In the field of TVET, our job-ready graduates are highly employable and are top picks in the industry.

GMI is an institution with a comprehensive set of world class technology labs

GMI's strong ties with industries can be seen with her 14 state-of-the-art Technology Centres, ranging from world best industrial robots and automation, excellent precision measurement of CNC, specific solutions for liquid analysis, modern combustion system lab, sophisticated sheet metal fabrication and up-to-date cyber security structures.

Partners: EMERSON Process Management System, CISCO Training Academy, HITACHI, BOSCH, DMG MORI SEIKI, Carl Zeiss & more.

Malaysia & Germany Ties

GMI is a joint venture project of two Governments between Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister's Department and Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Kuala Lumpur.

Industrial Based Campus

World class facilities promoting real industrial atmosphere to help stimulate the minds of students in a student-centered learning environment; thus, resulting in an established reputation for its ability to yield highly skilled, versatile and employable graduates.

Advanced Skills Training

The German training concept emphasizing on the combination of theoretical know-why with practical know-how at GMI, has developed graduates with essential characteristics for the world of work with job competencies and lifelong learning ability.

Our Programmes

Industrial Electronics

Production Technology

German A-Level Preparatory Programme (GAPP)

* Open for MAY INTAKE Only

Germany land of many opportunities, renowned for its technological achievements and the German higher education is one of the best in the world! A German university degree is highly respected by employers around the world and those from Universities of applied science are very practice-oriented.

For these reasons, the German A-Level Preparatiory Programm (GAPP) was establishd at the German-Malaysian Institute in 2011 to prepare and qualify the young Malaysians to further their study in the fields of engineering at the University of Applied Science which requires GCE A-Level, TestDAF and Vorpraktikum qualifications for enrolment.

GMI was awarded 6-stars in the Ministry of Higher Education's 2016/2017 MyQuest ratings

14 Advanced Technology Centers
(Industrial Collaboration)

Best Projects/Showcase

The Final Year Project (FYP) is a compulsory course in GMI training module and one which sets GMI trainees and graduates apart from the rest of the world. In groups, trainees put their skills and knowledge, and merge their individual strengths into the projects to ensure that the projects meet industrial standards. Trainees work on the projects, with minimal yet sufficient supervision from the assigned supervisors, starting from the initial stages of proposal right till the construction and commissioning of the projects.The exposure and experience trainees obtain from their 16-week in plant training become the thrust for them to work on the FYPs. These masterpieces become the pride of the trainees, and giving GMI the edge.

Below are our featured projects.

(Electronic & Information Technology)

Neuro-X-Wheel is designed specifically for people with disabilities such as blind, deaf and paralysed. The product uses the mind as a guide for developing the direction and ultrasonic sensors to help users to avoid any obstacles. It is an improvement on safety feature on existing wheelchairs in the market which uses joy-stick. Neuro-X-Wheel is using 3 types of hardware comprising of NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile headset, Arduino Mega microcontroller and Bluesmirf Bluetooth dongle.

(Industrial Design)

The product is conceptualized from the original aquaponic system. Auaponic refers to a combination of system of hydroponic (the soil less growing plant) and aquaculture (fish rearing) in one integrated system. Since the original aquaponic system is produced in a much larger scale and is not conducive for homeowners, the concept has been redesigned and reconstructed to suit the interior of a house. It is now made available as a smaller scale indoor product.

Study purpose piezoelectric bumper
(Sustainable Energy & Power Distribution)

Piezoelectric is one of the techniques that can be used to generate clean energy. Piezoelectric can create electricity when subjected to mechanical stress. As the vehicle passes on the speed hump, the pressure made by it will generate the piezoelectric to produce electricity. These charges of electricity will then be transferred to a battery and it will be used to light up the LED strip on the speed hump itself and the signboard so that they could be seen at night.

Wind-Powered Powert Bank - The AirBattery
(Sustainable Energy & Power Distribution)

THE AIRBATTERY project is a functional wind-powered power bank that can be charged by using both the wind energy and the grid utility (AC Power Plugs and Sockets). THE AIRBATERRY also comes with the Air Turbine and the Power Box. With a 20,000mah capacity battery, the device is able to supply 20 wayys of power and 1.6 Ampere of current.

"In recent decades, the manufacturing sector has seen rapid evolution. From mass production through the use of intensive labour force in production lines, to the use of robotics to increase efficiency, the manufacturing industry is constantly evolving with more and more infusion of automation. Today, the next phase of evolution is referred to as the Forth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0"

Prime Minister of Malaysia
Note: Foreword 'Building for the Future' in Industry4wrd, The National Policy on Industry 4.0

GMI Success Stories

Scholarships & Financial Aid

For time being, financial assistance is only provided to Malaysian students.

Students are only allowed to have one (1) education loan or scholarship from any sponsors at one time during their study period. Please be reminded, education loan and scholarship are two (2) different category of sponsorship.

Any education loan or scholarship is subjected to sponsors' requirement and criteria. Any approvals on students' education loan or scholarship are solely under the sponsor’s jurisdiction and authority.

GMI does not have any authority to approve or guarantee any education loan applied by students.

Diploma Program

Education Loan Provider:

  1. Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA)
  2. Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN)
  3. Yayasan Sarawak

Students are also encouraged to secure any sponsorship from other sponsors at their own capacity and GMI is willing to assist.

To be a World Class Technologist it starts AT GMI

It Starts At GMI